What do Physicists do anyway?

Air Apparent

Over 50,000 deaths each year in the UK are attributed to air pollution.  Physicist, entrepreneur and father Mark Richards is concerned about the environment and in particular the air pollution that we expose our children to.  He has developed a handy machine which can monitor air quality.  He wants people to see how bad air pollution is, so that we all think more carefully about our lifestyles and travel methods.

Baths and Quarks

In ‘Baths and Quarks’, theoretical physics expert David Tong explains solitons and their effect on quarks and protons. ‘Solitons’ – solitary waves which can be seen as bubble rings in the bath — make it impossible for quarks and protons to be separated, thus holding together the Universe, he says.  “Baths would be so much more relaxing if they weren’t so interesting”.


The Ion Beam Cop

This video describes how forensic science expert Dr Melanie Bailey on how she uses forensic physics principles and forensic analysis on gunshot residue to help catch the bad guys.


Written in the Sky

The aurora borealis, or the northern lights, are one of nature’s most mysterious displays. In this video, Jim Wild looks at aurora borealis in Iceland and explains how the lights are a mirror for intense solar activity, which triggers ‘space storms’ in the Earth’s Atmosphere.


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