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Adams, F.C.  and Laughlin, G. $ ($1997$ )$ ‘A Dying Universe: The Long-Term Fate and Evolution of Astrophysical Objects’, Reviews of Modern Physics, vol. 69, no. 2, pp. 337-372.

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Andréani, M., Daniel, I. and Pollet-Villard, M. $ ($2013$ )$ ‘Aluminum speeds up the Hydrothermal Alteration of Olivine‘, American Mineralogist, vol. 98, no. 10, pp. 1738-1744. 

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Appolloni, S. $ ($2011$ )$ ‘”Repugnant”, “Not Repugnant at All”:  How the Respective Epistemic Attitudes of Georges Lemaître and Sir Arthur Eddington Influenced How Each Approached the Idea of a Beginning of the Universe’, International Black Sea University Scientific Journal, vol. 5, no. 1.

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Baroni, L., Cenci, L., Tettamanti, M. and Berati, M. $ ($2007$ )$ ‘Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Various Dietary Patterns Combined with Different Food Production Systems’, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, no. 61, no. 2, pp. 279–286.

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Brown, P.G., Assink, J.D., Astiz, L., Blaauw, R., Boslough, M.B., Borovička, J., Brachet, N., Brown, D., Campbell-Brown, M., Ceranna, L., Cooke, W., de Groot-Hedlin, C., Drob, D.P., Edwards, W., Evers, L.G., Garces, M., Gill, J., Hedlin, M., Kingery, A., Laske, G., Le Pichon, A., Mialle, P., Moser, D.E., Saffer, A., Silber, E., Smets, P., Spalding, R.E., Spurný, P., Tagliaferri, E., Uren, D., Weryk, R.J., Whitaker, R. and Krzeminski, Z. $ ($2013$ )$ ‘A 500-kiloton airburst over Chelyabinsk and an enhanced hazard from small impactors’, Nature 12741 Published online 06 November 2013 [DOI:10.1038/nature12741].

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Clarke, D., Whitney, H., Sutton, G. and Robert, D. $ ($2013$ )$ ‘Detection and Learning of Floral Electric Fields by Bumblebees’, Science 1230883 Published online 21 February 2013 [DOI:10.1126/science.1230883].

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Coleman, J.N., Paton, K.R., Varrla, E., Backes, C., Smith, R.J., Khan, U., O’Neill, A., Boland, C., Lotya, M., Istrate, O.A., King, P., Higgins, T., Barwich, S., May, P., Puczkarski, P., Ahmed, I., Moebius, M., Pettersson, H., Long, E., Coelho, J., O’Brien, S.E., McGuire, E.K., Sanchez, B.M., Duesberg, G.S., McEvoy, N., Pennycook, T.J., Downing, C., Crossley, A. and Nicolosi, V. $ ($2014$ )$ ‘Scalable Production of Large Quantities of Defect-Free Few-Layer Graphene by Shear Exfoliation in Liquids’, Nature Materials, doi:10.1038/nmat3944.

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Davis, T.A., Bureau, M., Cappellari, M., Sarzi, M. and Blitz, L. $ ($2013$ )$ ‘A Black-Hole Mass Measurement from Molecular Gas Kinematics in NGC4526’, Nature, vol. 494, no. 1, pp. 328–330.

Download the Article: 1301.7184v1.pdf

Derr J.S., St-Laurant, F., Freund, F.T. and Thériault, R. $ ($2011$ )$ Earthquake Lights, Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics, Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series, pp. 165-167.

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Download the Article:…….142E

Einstein, A. $ ($1916$ )$ ‘Die Grundlage der Allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie $ ($The Foundation of the General Theory of Relativity$ )$’, Annalen der Physik, vol. 354, no. 7, pp. 769-822.

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Elliott, D.C., Hart, T.R., Schmidt, A.J., Neuenschwander, G.G., Rotness, L.J., Olarte, M.V., Zacher, A.H., Albrecht, K.O., Hallen, R.T., and Holladay, J.E. $ ($2013$ )$ ‘Process Development for Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Algae Feedstocks in a Continuous-Flow Reactor’, Elsevier, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 445–454.

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Elliott, D.C. and Schiefelbein, G.F. $ ($1989$ )$ ‘Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels from Biomass’, American Chemical Society, vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 1160-1166..

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Ellis, J. and You, T. $ ($2013$ )$ ‘Updated Global Analysis of Higgs Couplings’.

Download the Article: 1303.3879v1.pdf



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Grover, W.R. $ ($1874$ )$ ‘The Correlation of Physical Forces‘ (6th ed.) London: Longmans, Green.

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Helmstaedter, M., Briggman, K.L., Turaga, S.C., Jain, V., Seung, H.S. and Denk, W. $ ($2013$ )$ ‘Connectomic reconstruction of the inner plexiform layer in the mouse retina’, Nature, vol. 500, pp.168-174.

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Hinshaw, G., Weiland, J.L., Hill, R.S., Odegard, N., Larson, D., Bennett, C.L., Dunkley, J., Gold, B., Greason, M.R., Jarosik, N., Komatsu, E., Nolta, M.R., Page, L., Spergel, D.N., Wollack, E., Halpern, M., Kogut, A., Limon, M., Meyer, S.S., Tucker, G.S. and Wright, E.L. $ ($2008$ )$ ‘Five-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe $ ($WMAP$ )$) Observations: Data Processing, Sky Maps, and Basic Results’, The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, vol. 180, no. 2, pp. 225-245.

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Kim, S.-H. and Lee, S.-H. $ ($2013$ )$ ‘Air Transparent Soundproof Window’, arXiv preprint arXiv:1307.0301, 2013 – [online]

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Kim, S.-H. and Das, M.P. $ ($2012$ )$ ‘Artificial Seismic Shadow Zone by Acoustic Metamaterials’, arXiv preprint arXiv:1210.5589, 2012 – [online]

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Kim, P. and Lieber, C.M. $ ($1999$ )$ ‘Nanotube Nanotweezers’, Science, vol. 286, no. 5447, pp. 2148–2150.

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Kuo, C.S. $ ($2006$ )$ ‘The Mineral Industry of Afghanistan’, Minerals Yearbook $ ($September 2007$ )$, U.S. Geological Survey.

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Lavers, D.A. and Villarini, G. $ ($2013$ )$ ‘The Nexus between Atmospheric Rivers and Extreme Precipitation across Europe’, Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 40, no. 12, pp. 3259-3264.

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Lavers, D.A., Allan, R.P., Wood, E.F., Villarini, G., Brayshaw, D.G.and Wade, A.J. $ ($2011$ )$ ‘Winter Floods in Britain are Connected to Atmospheric Rivers’, Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 38, no. 23.

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Lavoisier, Antoine $ ($1789$ )$ ‘Traité Élémentaire de Chimie, présenté dans un ordre nouveau, et d’après des découvertes modernes (2 ed.), Paris: Cuchet Libraire, retrieved 29/10/2013 via Gallic.

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Lemaître, G. $ ($1931$ )$ ‘The Beginning of the World from the Point of View of Quantum Theory’, Nature, vol. 127, no. 3210, pp. 706.

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Le Pichon, A., Ceranna, L., Pilger, C., Mialle, P., Brown, D., Herry, P. and Brachet, N. $ ($2013$ )$ ‘The 2013 Russian fireball largest ever detected by CTBTO infrasound sensors’, Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 40, no. 14, pp. 3732-3737.

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Mekonnen, M.M. and Hoekstra, A.Y. $ ($2011$ )$ ‘National Water Footprint Accounts: The Green, Blue and Grey Water Footprint of Production and Consumption’, Value of Water Research Report Series, no. 50, UNESCO-IHE.

Read the Main Report:

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Read the Book:,+McElhinny+%26+McFadden,+1996&ots=bTcPRxruSm&sig=68F4b_XQpww9Se8q8qqPYPBdz_A



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, L., , S.D., , A., , P.,

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Ray, M.W., Ruokokoski, E., Kandel, S., Möttönen, M. and Hall, D.S. $ ($2014$ )$ ‘Observation of Dirac Monopoles in a Synthetic Magnetic Field’, Nature, vol. 505, no. 1, pp. 657-660.

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Shinbrot, T., Daniels, K., Marone, C. and Tsiu, T. $ ($2014$ )$ ‘Unexplained voltage signals from granular materials’, Bulletin of the American Physical Society, vol. 59, no. 1.

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Stodolna, A.S., Rouzée, A., Lépine, F., Cohen, S., Robicheaux, F., Gijsbertsen, A., Jungmann, J.H., Bordas, C.and Vrakking,  M.J.J. ($2013$ )$ ‘Hydrogen Atoms under Magnification: Direct Observation of the Nodal Structure of Stark States’, Physical Review Letters, vol. 110, no. 213001, pp. 1-5.

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Stoffels, E., Flikweert, A.J., Stoffels, W.W. and Kroesen, G.M.W. $ ($2002$ )$ ‘Plasma needle: a non-destructive atmospheric plasma source for fine surface treatment of $ ($bio$ )$materials’, IoP Science, vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 383-388.

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Valley, J.W., Cavosie, A.J., Ushikubo, T., Reinhard, D.A., Lawrence, D.F., Larson, D.J., Clifton, P.H., Kelly, T.F., Wilde, S.A., Moser, D.E. and Spicuzza, M.J. $ ($2014$ )$ ‘Hadean age for a post-magma-ocean zircon confirmed by atom-probe tomography’, Nature Geoscience, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 219–223.

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Van der Waals, J.D. $ ($1873$ )$ ‘On the Continuity of the Gaseous and Liquid State’, Leiden Thesis.

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Zeki, S., Romaya, J.P., Benincasa, D.M.T. and Atiyah, M.T. $ ($2014$ )$ ‘The Experience of Mathematical Beauty and its Neural Correlates’, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, vol. 8, no. 68, pp. 1-12.

Download the Paper:

Zhang, Y., Tan, Y.-W., Stormer, H.L. and Kim, P. $ ($2005$ )$ ‘Experimental Observation of the Quantum Hall Effect and Berry’s Phase in Graphene’, Nature, vol. 438, no. 1, pp. 201-204.

Download the Paper:

Zhijian, W., Bin, X. and Hai-Jun, Z. $ ($2014$ )$ ‘Social Cycling and Conditional Responses in the Rock-Paper-Scissors Game’. Published online 21 April 2014 [arXiv: 1404.5199].

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