“Looks Like a Great Day, Scotland!”

A photograph of Scotland taken on board the International Space Station (ISS) on 14 October 2014. "Looks Like a Great Day, Scotland!"#BlueDot

This beautiful image of Scotland was tweeted by a German astronaut from the International Space Station today, as it drifted over Europe. 

Alexander Gerst is a European Space Agency geophysicist and a volcanologist spending six months aboard the I.S.SHis Blue Dot mission includes experiments to help prepare humanity for greater exploration of the Solar System.  The German astronaut tweeted from the ISS: “Greetings to #Scotland – looks like a great day down there! #BlueDot“.

A photograph of astronaut Alexander Gerst disembarking from Sojus on his arrival aboard the International Space Station (ISS).The mission is called Blue Dot after US astronomer Carl Sagan’s description of Earth as “a pale blue dot” on a distant photograph taken by Nasa’s Voyager.  A week ago, Gerst took part in a six-hour spacewalk outside the ISS to carry out repairs and maintenance.


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